Bovenkant van het ontbijt Asgard Hotel Groningen


When you're staying at the Asgard hotel, you can use various facilities. There is also an elevator in the building.


We dot not have parking facilities. The nearest parking garage is Q-Park Westerhaven (Westerhaven 17, 9718 AC Groningen). This is 5 minutes walk from the hotel.


Exercise during your stay? At 2 minutes walking distance from the hotel, you can use the facilities of gym TrainMore for free during your stay. TrainMore offers fitness and group lessons.

If you would like to use TrainMore, please indicate this at check-in. We will then inform you of the possibilities.

SportsFree of charge during your stay at the hotel


In the Asgard Hotel, we serve a good quality breakfast. We use organic products and get our products mainly from the region. Besides, a part of the breakfast buffet, like the granola, is homemade. We make conscious choices when compiling our menu, opting for good quality, honest products, and as little food waste as possible.

Organic buns

The various types of organic bread are from the Carl Siegert Bakery. The bakery has a history of six generations of bakers and millers. Each generation has passed on its tradition to the next. Inspiration, innovation, and craftsmanship are at the center of this bakery. Sustainability goes without saying.

The grain for the organic bread grows as much as possible in the Netherlands and is milled on Dutch windmills. The freshly baked Waldkorn bread is homemade. It is prepared every morning with flour from the flour mill Wilhelmina in Noorderhoogebrug, a village near Groningen. The mill was built in 1907 and still works every Saturday.

Fresh cheese

The cheese that we freshly cut for you every morning comes from the dairy farm 'Family van den Bergh' in Garmerwolde, a village northeast of the city of Groningen. Here, cheese is made according to traditional methods. There are about 100 dairy cows on the farm and they graze outside from spring to autumn. This unique cheese is created with fresh milk without coloring or flavoring agents.

Organic and artisanal meat

The various meat products come from the organic butcher 'De Groene Weg' in Groningen. The butchers of De Groene Weg have been working hard since 1981 to provide delicious, organic, and traditional meat every day. De Groene Weg was set up by professionals who understand the butchery trade and have an eye for quality and sustainability. The butchers set high standards for the meat and can therefore guarantee a safe and especially tasty organic quality product.

Organic meat is produced with attention to achieving a healthy balance between humans, nature, and animals. It is not for nothing that butchers consciously choose to work only with meat produced according to organic traditions. But above all, organic meat tastes authentically delicious. Many of the meat products are therefore made by the butchers themselves. Without chemical additives, of course.

Jams and fresh juices

The various types of jam and fresh pure apple juice come from the Groninger Landwijnboerderij, located in Wirdum. At the Groninger Landwijnboerderij, much attention is paid to sustainable production. For example, there is no gas connection; heat is generated by two large central wood stoves. These also provide the heat for cooking the jam and steaming the juices.

There is a windmill on the property that supplies power to the five residential houses, the wine and jam factory, the party and excursion room, the bakery, and the freezer.

When choosing the packaging, a conscious choice was also made for glass; there is a good collection of used glass in the Netherlands, which means that the material submitted can be reused.

You can have your breakfast either in our restaurant or in your room. Don't have time for breakfast? You can request a breakfast package from us when you check-in, filled with delicious and pure products that you can eat on the way to your destination.

Allergy or vegetarian?

Do you have any allergies or specific wishes such as vegetarian options? Please let us know in advance when making your reservation so that we can take it into account.

Breakfast in your room€25,-
BreakfastMonday to Friday 07:00 am – 10:00 am
Saturday and Sunday 08:30 am – 11:00 am