Uitzicht kamer Asgard Hotel over Groningen

About Asgard

In 1997 Andre bought the historic building – after it has functioned as a sister house, among other things – that now houses the Asgard hotel. Andre organized trips to Groningen with Asgard Reizen and could not find a suitable place to stay in the city for his travelers. He decided to renovate the building according to his own management; the walls of the former small sister rooms were broken through and the philosophy behind the hotel became the starting point for the interior.

In 2007, the Asgard hotel opened its doors with a unique concept: modern design elements are combined with sustainable, ecological materials, both in the architecture and in the composition of the breakfast. We source our products from local farms in the province. In 2012, a 3rd floor was added where you can spend the night in our luxurious rooms with a view over the city and d’Olle Grieze (the Martini Tower).

The history of our hotel

In 1936 the current building of the Asgard Hotel was built in the architectural style of the “New Objectivity”. The building originally functioned as a sister house for sisters of the maternity ward of the Diakonessenhuis, better known as ‘Huize Tavenier’. The sisters stayed in pairs in one of the then 28 small rooms on the first and second floors of the building.

For a short period, there were mud baths on the ground floor, which were mainly frequented by rich gentlemen farmers from the Groningen countryside. Later, these rooms were used for minor outpatient procedures – the current “Green Room” was once used as a room for “light therapy”. The mud baths were where you can now find the kitchen, laundry room, toilets, and room 0.

In the 1970s, the hospital on Praediniussingel and the associated buildings came into the hands of insurance company AGO, the predecessor of AEGON. The sister house was therefore set up as an office. The property was sold in 1984 when AGO and ENNIA merged. After that, the building was used for several years as a student house for women and later as a Pentecostal church.

Team Asgard

We think it is important that our guests feel at home and that they remember their stay in Groningen with pleasure. Collaboration, reliability, and a pleasant atmosphere form the basis of our team and who we are as an Asgard hotel. We gladly accept the challenge to get to know our guests and their wishes.

Surroundings of the Asgard hotel

In the vicinity of our hotel, you will find various museums within walking distance, such as the Northern Maritime Museum and the Groninger Museum. In less than 5 minutes you are in the Folkingestraat – which was voted the nicest shopping street in the Netherlands in 2014. In this street, you will find a variety of shops such as an Italian delicacy shop and various boutiques. A stone’s throw from the Folkingestraat you will find the Zwanestraat and Kromme Elleboog, officially the nicest shopping street in the Netherlands (2016), the Vismarkt, and the d’Olle Grieze (the Martinitoren).

Traveling with Asgard

Since 1995 we have been organizing exclusive small-scale group trips for lovers of culture, history, and nature under Asgard Reizen. Our tours are carefully curated with themes such as art, modern architecture, history, literature, music, and cultural themes. The guidance is always in the hands of an experienced Dutch tour guide, specialized in the theme of the trip. The hotels on offer are located in the center of the city and in addition to the excursion program on offer, there is also free time for your own initiatives. For more information about our trips, please refer to the website of Asgard Travel (Dutch).