Andre organized city trips to Groningen, but could not find the right accommodation for his clients. The search began to find suitable accommodation. He succeeded in 1997: Andre bought a historical property – used to house nurses in the early days – in the city center of Groningen. He decided to rebuild this property to his wishes and projected his philosophy on the hotel. During the rebuilding, the walls of the small rooms were broken down and. Asgard hotel was born.

In 2007, Asgard hotel opened her doors with a unique concept: modern design elements combined with sustainable and organic materials. These elements are found in the architecture and also in the ingredients of the breakfast, we offer to guests. Our ingredients come from organic farms from the province Groningen. 

Then in 2012, a third floor was added, where the guests can stay in one of the four deluxe rooms, with a city view. The view includes a view of the “d’Olle Grieze” (the name of the tower in the local dialect, meaning the old grey one) and the famous Groninger Martinitoren.

History of the property

The construction of the building started in 1936, in the “Nieuwe Zakelijkheid” (“New Objectivity” or “New Pragmatism” architecture). This architecture period started in the 1920s and continued into the 1030s. The New Pragmatism period is characterized by functionality and is free of ornaments or decorations. The New Pragmatism architecture introduced to glass, steel, and concrete as building materials for the first time. It was important was to see the natural beauty of the building materials.

The building first housed nurses who worked at the maternity ward in the Diakonessen hospital, also known as “Huize Tavenier”. The nurses shared a room. There were 28 rooms in total, on the first and second floor.

For a short period, the rich lords of the Groninger countryside could take a mud bath on the ground floor. Later, these spaces were used for small medical procedures: the current “Groene Kamer” was used to offer light. The kitchen, the laundry room, the toilets and room 0 were build were mud baths used to be. 

In the 1970s the Diakonessen hospital and the properties belonging to the hospital were bought by insurance company AGO, now AEGON. This hotel was used as the headquarters of AGO. In 1984 the property was sold when AGO and ENNIA fused. After the sale, the property was used to house female students and after that, the building was destined to be a Pentecostalism church.

The Asgard team

Trust, cooperation, and a comfortable ambiance is the foundation of the hotel and Asgard. The challenge to get to know our guests and their wishes is one we are willing to take on every day. We put emphasis on personal contact with our guests and recognizing their wishes is very important to us. 

Near Asgard Hotel

You will find different museums within walking distance of the Asgard hotel: the Northern Maritime Museum, the Groninger Museum and the Dutch Comics Museum. Within 5 minutes you will walk through the vibrant Folkingestraat, which the best shopping street of The Netherlands in 2014. boutiques decorate the street, like an Italian delicacy boutique. Near the Folkingestraat, you will find the Zwanestraat en Kromme Elleboog (chosen in 2016 as the best shopping street of The Netherlands), the Vismarkt and the “d’Olle Grieze” (de Martinitoren).

Asgard Travel Agency

For 21 years, Asgard Travel coordinates exclusive travels for small tourist groups, who are enthusiastic about culture, history, and nature. The themes of those trips are carefully selected, for example, art, modern architecture, history, literature, music, and miscellaneous cultural themes. The trip is always accompanied by an experienced Dutch travel guide, who is specialized in the theme of that particular trip. The accommodations are always situated in the city center and we make sure that our customers have enough free time outside the travel program to find their adventures. For more information about Asgard Travels, please visit their website.